Benefits Coordinator with room to grow /  Customer Services Representative

Dr. Renaldo Epps and Associates is looking for benefits manager trainees. Successful candidates will be highly motivated; have proven leadership abilities, a positive attitude, a desire for professional development, a willingness to learn and exceptional people skills. This position has strong potential for growth and advancement.

Our culture is energetic and fast-paced. This requires each individual on our team to be self-motivated and achievement-oriented. We work in small teams that are focused on solutions and results. Promotions are ONLY from within and based on performance, not seniority. We care about people, and that is why we are #1 in our market internationally.

Dr. Renaldo Epps and Associates was founded in 2009 and provides supplemental benefits to unions, credit unions, and associations. Our company has a well-established marketing plan, a strong niche market (50,000+ groups worldwide), a product highly valued by customers (6.5 million+ worldwide). We ended 2012 with 15% growth within the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and we and are expanding to Maryland in 22014.

  1. Qualifications:
  2. Quick Learner and a Willingness to Learn
  3. Positive Attitude
  4. Strong Work Ethic
  5. Excellent People Skills
  6. Reliable form of transportation
  7. Able to pass state background check

Ÿ   Ability to pay appointment fees- Background check $20.


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