Identity Restoration Coverage
The risk of ID theft and fraud is very real, and it can happen to anyone. You can protect yourself and your family with identity restoration coverage. It is actually a coverage which can be added to any of your existing policy.
During any average day, you might make any purchase by a check or using your credit card. You may also pay your bills or call home. Most of the time, you do not give a second thought to these everyday transactions, but someone else might. With a very small amount of personal information, someone can steal your identity and use it for their own financial gain. Identity Theft Insurance, insurance companies are offering cover for losses sustained due to identity theft.
• Expensive Identity Fraud - Insurance Can Help
The statistics are very staggering. That is why many insurance companies offer Identity Fraud Expense Coverage. Certain companies also allow you add this policy's benefits to your Homeowners or any other policy. Policy holder victims can also be assigned an advocate cum counselor throughout the ID restoration process.
• Identity Theft Counselor
If you or your spouse has been a victim of ID theft, then our specialist will handle the hard work of identity restoration for you and help you to get back to your normal life. Adding identity restoration coverage to an existing policy can cover up some expenses you may have after identity theft. Some common expenses you will face include lost wages or attorney fees. Talking to an agent about identity restoration coverage and related process will surely help you.
An assistant can serve as a liaison between victim, creditors, and relevant agencies and help in reviewing accounts and making corrections. They can also provide a complete year of monitoring your credit from the release of first report which helps in preventing any further loss. If you become a victim of identity theft, a personal assistant will help you save money, save time and avoid unnecessary aggravation.
• What is covered?
Identity Fraud Expense Coverage provided by certain companies also gives additional benefits. Some can provide a certain amount of financial coverage per occurrence and for the following expenses as well:
The attorney fees are very reasonable. Some insurers also provide employer-documented lost wages for work time which you lose to meet with law officials, attorneys, and others concerning your claim.
The loan application fee is also covered. You have to pay this fee when you are reapplying for a loan that was not accepted due to old credit fraud. Cost for notarizing appropriate official documents, cost for certified mail to appropriate financial institutions, law enforcement agencies are also covered. Other expenses like related long-distance phone calls, travel bills, etc are included as well.
• Minimize the Risk of Identity Theft
In addition to protecting yourself with an Identity Fraud Insurance Coverage, you can also minimize your risk of becoming a victim by managing your personal information wisely. You should practice safety tips to help protect you and your family. Do not ever give your personal information in an unsolicited call over the phone.
Be cautious.
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Monitoring starts at 19.95 ask about or discounts.


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